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I'm Lenny Hicks and I am a qualified instructor with over 30 years experience riding motorbikes.  I am based in Joondalup and cover the northern suburbs, this is where you will learn the circuits and ideally take your test.  I will not only teach you how to ride a bike but also teach you road safety awareness.  I provide RN, RE and R class bikes, helmet and wet weather gear!

I offer refresher lessons, road craft lectures and hazard perception.


Before you learn to ride a bike you need to obtain a learners permit from any licensing centre and it is advisable to study the drive safe book to enable you to complete the required theory test.  Joondalup Licensing centre can be found on 65 Boas Avenue, Joondalup.  To assist you with the general questions access the DPI website ( where you will find some sample questions.

What to wear: Long sleeves, long pants and closed toe shoes.

R-N - you can apply for an R-N class learners permit at 15 years and 6 months of age [with parents permission].
R-E – you can apply for an R-E class learners permis at 16 years of age and take your practical assessment at 16 years and 6 months and then take your hazard perception assessment at 17 years of age.
R – you can apply for your R class learners permit immediately after passing your R-E assessment but not take the R class assessment until one year after passing your R-E class. 


Piaggio Scooter 50cc Yamaha Scorpio Suzuki_DL650.jpeg
RN - 50cc RE - 250cc R Class - big bike!

Bikes that are provided to learn on are: Piagio Moped - RN class, Yamaha Scorpio 225cc – RE class (one of the easiest bikes to learn on) and the Suzuki DL650 VSTROM (2012) – R class.

I have state of the art bike to bike intercom to assist with communication during lessons and the facility to video and review your riding with the latest GoPro camera.












I recently had lessons with Lenny and he took me from someone with no riding experience to passing on the first attempt!  His knowledge of motorcycle roadcraft and the road rules is exceptional as is his knowledge of Joondalup and it's surrounding areas where the test is conducted.  During the lessons he identified and corrected any mistakes quickly so they didn't become a habit and by lessons end, I really felt like I had progressed and grew in confidence which made the lessons fun as well as safe.  I will definitely be going back to Lenny when I go for my R class and highly recommend him to anyone who's interested in learning to ride.  Thanks Lenny

~ Clinton Wood


I've wanted to get my motorcycle licence since high school and finally got round to it this summer!  I met Lenny in the Suzuki shop in Joondalup, he seemed nice enough, so I gave him a go.  I just passed my test today and couldn't be happier with the service and training I received along the way.  Thanks a lot Lenny.
~ Chris Barnett


I heard a lot of good experiences with Lenny on PSB so thought I'd give him a try.  Ended up getting an extra 5 lessons with him because he not only teaches how to pass the test but more importantly shows you how to avoid accidents while riding in everyday traffic and surroundings.  Anyway was very satisfied with each lesson and was able to pass the test first go.  I would highly recommend anyone looking for lessons in the northern suburbs to not waste their time searching for the "right instructor" and just go straight to Lenny.
~ Daniel Kim


I wanted to get my R class license and get it in a manner that would make me a better rider.  With Lenny's knowledge of the intricate road rules that are specific to Joondalup area, I passed with a clean sheet and more importantly, as a safer and more aware rider.  Whole heartedly recommend Lenny to anyone wanting to get their license.  

 ~Darren Hunt


I recently passed my test first go after having lessons with Lenny.  Highly recommend anyone from first time riders to riders looking to touch up their current skill set to avoid the hassle of searching any further and contact Lenny.  Lenny not only teaches how to correctly and confidently handle a motorcycle but teaches how to safely and confidently interact with traffic on the road.  Being based in Joondalup Lenny's knowledge of the test routes and test exercise areas is highly beneficial when completing your test ride with the assessor.  He will also identify and correct mistakes early on before they become bad habits, ultimately making you a better and safer rider.  By the end of my lessons I had lost count of how many times he had told me to turn off the indicators.  Again, big thanks to Lenny and will definitely be back for my R class.

 ~Mitch Glass