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I'm Lenny Hicks and I am a qualified instructor with over 30 years experience riding motorbikes.  I am based in Joondalup and cover the northern suburbs, this is where you will learn the circuits and ideally take your test.  I will not only teach you how to ride a bike but also teach you road safety awareness.  I provide RN, RE and R class bikes, helmet and wet weather gear!

I offer refresher lessons, road craft lectures and hazard perception.


Before you learn to ride a bike you need to obtain a learners permit from any licensing centre and it is advisable to study the drive safe book to enable you to complete the required theory test.  Joondalup Licensing centre can be found on 65 Boas Avenue, Joondalup.  To assist you with the general questions access the DPI website ( where you will find some sample questions.

What to wear: Long sleeves, long pants and closed toe shoes.

R-N - you can apply for an R-N class learners permit at 15 years and 6 months of age [with parents permission].
R-E – you can apply for an R-E class learners permis at 16 years of age and take your practical assessment at 16 years and 6 months and then take your hazard perception assessment at 17 years of age.
R – you can apply for your R class learners permit immediately after passing your R-E assessment but not take the R class assessment until one year after passing your R-E class. 


Piaggio Scooter 50cc Yamaha Scorpio Suzuki_DL650.jpeg
RN - 50cc RE - 250cc R Class - big bike!

Bikes that are provided to learn on are: Piagio Moped - RN class, Yamaha Scorpio 225cc – RE class (one of the easiest bikes to learn on) and the Suzuki DL650 VSTROM (2012) – R class.

I have state of the art bike to bike intercom to assist with communication during lessons and the facility to video and review your riding with the latest GoPro camera.












Lenny is a Legend:
He has an amazing ability to blend humor and prefessionalism whilst staying in complete control of the situation.  In times of frustration, Lenny's direction and assurance allowed me to continue with confidence.  As a complete novice I felt safe and appreciated Lenny's understanding and patience.  Thanks Lenny.

~ Chris Scales


I recently had motorcycle lessons with Lenny and due to work commitments I was only able to have a lesson once every fortnight.  I thought that I was never going to get there, but with Lenny's paitence and determination I managed to pass my test on my first go!  Lenny has the safety of his trainee at the utmost importance and hi knowledge of mortocycle road rules is second to none.  I certainly recommend Lenny to anyone who is willing to give motorcycle riding a go.
~ Kerry Cunningham


I was just graduating university as an accountant and needed something exciting to do before going crazy.  So I decided to get my motorbike license.  I gave myself a deadline of four weeks to get my license.  Without a doubt I would not have made that deadline without Lenny's help.  I went from having no experience on a bike to passing first attempt within a month.  Lenny was an excellent technical instructor but also made the experience really enjoyable.  At a time when I was stressed and nervous about exams.  Lenny was able to teach me aswell as entertain.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor for their motorbike lessons.
~ Jason Madelin


 'Grandad' was what Lenny nicknamed me when I first hopped on his bike.  Having never been on a bike before, it was so foreign that I was wobbling and zig zagging all over the place.  But after only my first lesson in the car park the bug had bitten and I progressed from being a grandad on the bike to having confidence riding through any piece of road.  Lenny taught me all the skills I needed to ride a motorcycle properly and safely, whilst having fun with the bike, which to me is what riding a motorcycle is all about!!!  I passed my test first time and the assessor said I was an 'awesome rider'!!!! All thanks to Lenny.

 ~Devon Hindshaw


Lenny trained both myself and my mother from people who had never even sat on a bike to a level where we were both able to past the test on our first attempts.  The lessons are well designed in stages that take you from being able to control a bike in a carpark, all the way up to riding in traffic in central Joondalup.  Lenny has a great understanding of the requirements of gaining your license and the areas where you may be taken to on your test.  Most importantly, Lenny teaches you to ride in a safe and confident manner.  Highly recommended!

 ~Adam Ruocco